Why Circuit Training Is A Great Workout Program

Why Circuit Training Is A Great Workout Program

Circuit Training combines aerobic and strength exercise when you’re short on time. The goal of circuit training is to keep you moving and only allow minimal breaks between exercises. If you absolutely must rest, take 10 seconds to walk around and then start again. Whatever you do, the key to a successful workout program is not to stop moving.

The following fitness exercise programs target one or two specific muscles by working the fatigue factor on those particular muscles. As you increase the intensity of your workout, circuit training causes you to challenge your strength while pushing your body aerobically. You should be progress through the workout and keep your heart rate up. This allows you to reap the same benefits as the guy who mindlessly logs all those miles on the treadmill. Also, fewer rest periods help your muscles grow.

The following circuit workout is an excellent workout program. Complete each of the following weight loss workout one after the other, with no more than 10 seconds of rest between each. Do at least 5 of the following exercises for the specified amount of time or repetitions (or as long as you can safely do so) and then move to the next exercise. Complete all exercises and you will have one circuit. Try to do at least 2 circuits. Ensure you warm up with 5-10 minutes of light cardio and cool down with 10 minutes of stretching.

1. Squats with Front Kick - Stand with your feet together. Bring your right knee up and extend the leg in a front kick, but don’t lock your knee! Lower down into a low squat (knees behind toes) and then kick with your left leg. Repeat (right kick, squat, left kick) for 1 minute.

2. Squats - Put an exercise ball behind your back and against the wall with your feet hip-width apart. Keep abs in and torso straight. Bend knees and lower yourself down until knees are at 90 degrees (if you have knee problems, don’t go down too low). Repeat for 30 seconds. If you want to add intensity, hold weights.

3. Lunge with Biceps Curls - In split stance, slowly lower into lunge (front and back legs at 90 degrees), and curl your forearms towards shoulders. Complete 20-30 seconds on each leg.

4. Low Side-Step – this fitness exercise programs targets your butt and legs
a. Stand tall with feet hip-width apart, arms at sides.
b. Step right foot a stride’s length to right side, then squat down, bending both knees and raising arms in front of chest.
c. Stand up, moving left foot toward right foot, hip-distance apart, and lower arms.
d. Continue side-stepping and squatting to right for 30 seconds, then side-step 30 seconds to left.

5. Plank Lift – one the best workout program focuses on your core, legs and chest
a. Begin facedown, balancing on elbows and toes with body in a straight line, abs tight.
b. Keeping legs straight, lift hips toward ceiling, forming an inverted V. Next lower to start position. Continue lifting and lowering hips for 30 seconds, then hold the straight plank position for 30 seconds.

6. Squat Thrusts - In a push-up position bring both knees in towards your chest and then explode out again so they are fully extended. Repeat in a smooth, rhythmical fashion.

7. Treadmill – try the following 3 exercises without starting the treadmill.
a. Manually make the treadmill move without the power (hold on to the handles and push with your legs).
b. Hold the forward handles of treadmill. With your feet at the bottom of the treadmill, hop forward from the bottom of the treadmill (about 12”) and without picking up your feet, push back on the treadmill with your feet).
c. Lay down on the treadmill, facing up with your feet at the bottom. Grab the handles with an outward grip (palms facing out), pull yourself up and then slowly let yourself down. Repeat for 20 seconds. Stay in control.

Next, use Dumbbells to supplement your fitness workout. Pick any 2 of the following arm exercises and 1 leg exercise to the above workout. You can add 1 – 2 more exercises as you get in better shape or you can substitute more barbell exercises for some of the above workout program. I always recommend to people that are just beginning circuit, to start by using weights that are comfortable (not too heavy), but that do result in a “burn” as you get to reps 6 – 8.

8. Overhead Triceps Extensions
a. Stand upright, feet shoulder width apart.
b. Hold dumbbell directly above head with arm fully extended. Clasp elbow with free hand for support.
c. Slowly let elbow fold so dumbbell is lowered behind head. 4. Extend arm back to starting position. Repeat for the desired number of reps and switch arms.

9. Triceps Kickbacks
a. Stand upright next to bench. Place one arm and leg on bench. Upper body should be parallel to ground.
b. Holding dumbbell raise elbow so upper arm is parallel to ground. Elbow should be bent at right angles.
c. Extend elbow so entire arm is parallel to ground.
d. Slowly return to start position and repeat for desired number of reps before changing arms.

10. Half Squats
a. Holding dumbbells at sides, stand upright with your feet shoulder width apart.
b. Bend from knees until thighs are almost parallel to the ground (avoid letting knees turn inwards).
c. Keep back flat, lower back slightly arched inwards and head up.
d. Return to upright position and repeat.

11. Dumbbell Lunges – my favorite weight loss workout to strengthen leg muscles
a. Holding dumbbells at your side, stand upright with feet hip width apart.
b. Step forward about 2 feet with one foot and bend your knee to about 90 degrees. As you plant your foot, bend the trailing knee until it nearly touches the floor.
c. Push off with front foot and return to starting position. Repeat for 30 seconds and change legs.

12. Front Raises – similar to the lateral raise, except you raise the dumbbell straight in front of you.
a. Stand upright, knees slightly bent, shoulder width apart. Palms should be towards thighs.
b. Raise one dumbbell directly in front of you.
c. When your arm is parallel to the ground lower dumbbell slowly back. Repeat with the other arm.

13. Single Arm Row
a. Stand upright next to bench. Place one knee and hand on bench. Your upper body should be parallel to floor.
b. Hold one dumbbell with arm extended.
c. Raise dumbbell up to your midsection keeping back still throughout movement.
d. Slowly lower dumbbell to start position and repeat. After desired number of reps repeat for other arm.

14. Upright Rows
a. Standing upright, with your feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent,
b. Keep dumbbells close to body and raise them to your chin.
c. Hold for a count of 2 and slowly lower to start position and repeat for 30 seconds

15. Shrugs
a. Stand upright, feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent.
b. Keeping arms straight ’shrug’ shoulders as high as possible and hold for a count of 3.
c. Relax and repeat. For this exercise to work best, do not roll shoulders when you shrug.

Complete your fitness exercise programs by stretching for 10 minutes. Ensure you stretch the muscles around your shoulders, hamstrings & quads.

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