What is a Digestive Probiotic?

What is a Digestive Probiotic?
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What is a Digestive Probiotic?

A digestive probiotic is a type of bacteria which reside in our stomach and intestinal tract that are responsible maintaining the health and workability of this important part of the body.

The benefits of using digestive probiotics are numerous.

They help to maintain a normal gut bacteria balance which is absolutely vital if you wish to have a good immune system, fight of illness and of course, have your digestive system working great.

When this good bacteria becomes overtaken by bad bacteria, serious problems can occur. Symptoms like:



Bad breath



Abdomen pain

Skin problems

The above are just some of the minor symptoms that can come about as a result of an imbalance of gut bacteria. A prebiotic, such as Digesten-K, helps maintain this balance by infusing good bacteria and eliminating the bad.

Another time when bad bacteria can really take over is if you are on a course of antibiotics. While antibiotic medications are vital for clearing up an infection, they also unfortunately kill off all of the GOOD bacteria that you need. You must replace this or else more infection can occur once you finish your antibiotic course. Digesten-K, a soluble fiber prebiotic supplement, does this easily, painlessly and for a very low price. Keeping some on hand at all times is a good idea, as you never know when you might take antibiotics.

Digesten-K improves the body’s ability to digest proteins with enzyme action. Because of the soluble fiber in this supplement, it has the double benefit of directly helping bowel function.

All of this results in keeping the colon clean, removing toxins from the body more efficiently, improving the body’s ability to extract nutrients from food, and of course, inhibiting the growth of bad bacteria (also known as pathogens).

The supplement is actually made of 100% kiwi fruit extract so contains nothing that would be harmful or questionable. This entirely natural supplement is safe to use and can even be opened and added to cold food. Because it also contains the pulp and skin of the fruit, you receive benefits that you would not get if you ate a regular peeled kiwi fruit.

All in all, using a prebiotic for digestive health will provide you with an extra natural boost that is almost impossible to gain just through a good diet. Although a great diet is certainly important, adding a prebiotic like Digesten-K will enhance your health to the next level!