Physical Injuries in Ballet

Physical Injuries in Ballet

Did you know that physical injuries in ballet can be traced back to emotional situations in your life?

You might find it surprising to know that your body stores every emotional memory as a cellular memory and can appear in your body as aches, pains and injuries.

Things that happen to you and the people around you that you can''t even remember may cause that knee injury or your shin splints or your sprained ankle. Amazing huh?

Re-occurring Physical Injuries

sports injury prevention for dancers
sports injury prevention for dancers

This is why old injuries in your body can keep niggling at you for years and years and can be something that can even end your ballet career when it is just starting.

And when that emotional issue clears up the physical injury clears up as well. Simple!

Who Does it Belong To?

More often than not, the emotional issue doesn''t even belong to them as it could be something that happened to your parents when you were young. It''s amazing what we will do to stop the people we love from hurting and one of those things is to internalise their pain into our bodies.

So if you have an ache or an injury, what if you could pretend to jump into the middle of that injury?

Jump into your body (it’s easy to use your imagination) and ask it how old you were when it was first created. Go with the first number that comes to mind. You might see it, hear it or feel it, the way you get the information really doesn’t matter.

After you get an idea of what that number is, ask if it had to do with your mum or your dad or someone else.

This is not about blame. This is about healing.

Healing the Memory

Just remember, these memories are just stored stress in your body.

Memories are not necessarily the truth of what has actually occurred but a perspective of what happened.

It is not necessary to make a big deal out of the memory even if it feels emotional for you, because once you heal the stress in the physical injury, the memory could transform into something entirely different.

Then ask it what is required for it to heal completely and easily. Many of you may be able to get a real understanding of your injuries and your body and other’s of you may need the help of a practitioner to help with injury recovery.

Either way, connecting with your body and the cellular memory in this manner is not going to hurt you and you may even be able to have a deeper awareness of why you have this injury in the first place.

Alternative Health Professionals

Of course there will be times when professionals who work with cellular memories are required as they can assist in faster recovery from injuries and the prevention of injuries happening in the future.

Modalities that can help with cellular healing are:

  • EFT or Faster EFT
  • Access Consciousness
  • Flower Essences
  • The Journey
  • Kinesiology
  • and many more.

To find a therapist in your area, Google the modality and go through the practitioner list on the official websites.

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